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Friday, January 26, 2018

Lake Natron : lake that turn birds into statue

Located in East Africa, the United Republic of Tanzania is home to many natural wonders, among which is the eerie Lake Natron. It got its name due to the mixture of salt and minerals, called natron, which are revealed when the water’s level decreases. Natron is a compound that occurs naturally, comes from volcanic ash, and is mainly consisted of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate.
Located close to the Kenyan border, Lake Natron is fed by some springs that are rich in minerals, making the lake highly alkaline, reaching a pH of 9 to 10.5. To put things in perspective, sea water has a pH between about 7 and 9. The temperature of the shallow lake’s water can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is salty enough to poison most animals.

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